deep in the clouds

“One ‘makes’ the truth exactly as one makes the lie”.
Odysseus Elytis, Maria Nephele

January 15 to February 8, 2016
Skoufa Gallery

Marlen, 2,5

“people in the sea”
Myrto, 3

“people on snow viewed through a tiny camera”
Giorgos, 12

“parallel universe”
Vassiliki, 36

“after life”
Anna, 40

“travel memories or the arrival preview”
Danae, 40

“up and down”
Epistimi, 42

Kornilia, 46

“this should be heaven”
margarita, 47

“crazy dream”
Olympia, 49

Lena, 69

Giorgow, 78

Giorgos, 85

It started as “feet in the clouds”.

on the clouds

section stories

“I stop in front of the old wrecked houses. I always think of people that use to live there and are now dead. Who passed by, who lived and who was loved there. I become fixated. I try to get a picture and the old ladies stick their heads out of the buildings and ask: ‘How can i help you? What do you need a picture for?’”
Yiannis Nenes, Athens Voice, May 2010

The way they lived. Their stories. Their lives. Their loves and their dramas.

Marina showed me her photos. I think i recognized some of her images. They were houses that were imprinted in my memory. I thought of the glances and thoughts of the people passing by. Glances transient people are embedded on the half ruined walls like a foot print.
Yiannis Nenes, August 2010

section stories